Anonymous said: Ok so I came to my new school where my best friend was and we both made friends with this guy and recently I started getting a crush on him and now me and her are basically his best friends but she liked him too and liked him before I did and he's kinda shy but his friend said me and him look like a couple. I want to go out with him but she also really likes him and I'm scared to ask him out. I don't even know if he likes me but sometimes he acts like it. What are your thoughts on the situation?

My thoughts are always the same when it comes to friends and guys. Friends come before guys.

If you want to keep your friendship with your best friend (girl) thab the least you have to do is talk to her about wanting to ask him out and basically get her approval, epsecially since you know she likes him first.

Going behind her back will probably end your relationship with her - The only question here is - Is he worth it?

Anonymous said: About the beach hook up... I did know before hand that he had a girlfriend and I feel bad but he was really good ;-)

Again, I understand. But if you knew he had a gf than what’s the point in telling her of all people? Talk about this with him - He is the relevant party here, not her.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: ok so I like this guy, and today he gave me his number but I lost my phone like I honestly haven't been able to find it anywhere and I don't know what to tell him because I like him and don't want him to think I'm not interested.

Don’t have any other way of finding his number? A mutual friend? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about here, you just lost it. Worst case scenario is to ask him for the number again.nd this way he won’t think you’re not interested. O.k?

Anonymous said: Hi Lisa. I'm 16, I have no dating experience and I have low self-confidence. I have some acne, knock-knees and massive (muscular) thighs. How do I become less insecure and how do I learn how to love myself more than anyone else?

Well first of all I think it’s great that at least you are aware of your self confidence problem. The next step is to realize that your low self esteem comes from false negative thoughts about yourself, nothing else.

It’s like looking at a broken mirror. What you see is distorted and has nothing to do with reality.

So what if you have acne? Who doesn’t?¬†As for your knees, I promise to you, no guy has ever noticed that about you, unless you pointed it out to him by yourself. And as for your muscular thighs - Do you know how many women go to the gym every day sweating their butt off to get those thighs?

Come on. You are perfect just the way you are. The way to love yourself it to realize that it’s all in your head. You are beautiful just the way you are.

The minute you believe it, everyone else in the world is going to think the same. I promise.

Anonymous said: So this guy and I had a little bit of a "thing" this summer and when we hung out we cuddled and made brownies and stuff but it never went anywhere.. When school started we continued to talk but nothing past that.. He would always tell me how he wants to cuddle and stuff like that (it even got kinda sexual) now it's came to the point where I just wanna know what we are.. He hasn't really made any moves and I wanna know how he feels but I don't wanna ruin our friendship

Can I suggest a little patience? I know you really want to know, but like they say - Good things come to those who wait.

Just wait a little and let things progress naturally, without pressure or definitions. Focus on enjoying the moment only and good things will happen to you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: I'm 15 and have never really been in a relationship. I'm a girl and I just know nothing about how boys think and just how they work in general. I've always had the feeling that only girls can fall desperately in love and it makes me feel stupid when a boy shows interest in me, because I always have this thing in my mind telling me "it's probably a joke or something, he would never REALLY like me" and it's so sad and I dream about really falling in love but I wouldn't think someone will love me

It’s completely normal and quite common to not fall in love until the age of 15. I fell in love for the first time when I was 17.

Since you mostly talk to girls and hang out with girls, you assume that only girls fall desperately in love but that’s completely not true of course.

The fact that you feel that a guy could never really like you comes from something else - You not appreciating your greatness.

Of course a guy can really like you and of course any guy you want can fall in love with you. But, it won’t happen if you keep telling yourself all od these things that you do right now.

The only obstacle in making your dream come true is your own negative thoughts. Once you get them out of the way, everything you want to happen - Will simply happen. Effortlessly.:)

Anonymous said: What do you do when your boyfriend's close girl friend likes him, told him that multiple times, and seems like she won't back off?

That sucks. Very annoying right?

Tell your boyfriend how this upsets you and ask him how HE would feel if you had a close guy friend who tried to get you constantly. Tell him that if it’s o.k on his side that it’s going to be o.k on your side as well.

I’ll bet he won’t approve and be forced to so something about it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: girl who likes my boyfriend doesn't seem like she'lltake no for an answer.&her friends are all involved too. On the phone the girl told my boyfriend that her friends have been joking/talking about saying something to break me and my boyfriend up? I know that wont happen but it's weird,my boyfriend has stayed good friends with her so idk if she is getting the wrong idea or what but I feel like it's getting ridiculous. I was friends with her before,idk if I should just keep waiting for her to stop

The smartest (though hardest) thing to do would be to completly ignore her miserable attempts to break you two up.

Stay confident and know your worth, and so will your boyfriend, who right now just enjoys this little ego-trip.

Anonymous said: Ok so I was talking to this boy and we basically acted like we were going out and then he lied to me when I was ill and went round my friends house and ended up kissing her and my friend told me they have been talking for a while but he didn't tell me they were talking and didn't tell me they kissed and the same night he kissed my friend he still messaged me like nothing had happened when I talked to my friend about it she said he wanted to do things with her but she said no what do I do?

Sadly, I think he just started something with the both of you and than picked. It’s insensitive and egotistic (especialy since he knows you two girls know each other) but yeah, some guys, and girls do that.

If I were you I would move on from him as soon as possible. How can you ever trust him again anyway, right?

Anonymous said: Is it ok if I have multiple crushes on multiple people at the same time?And is it ok if my strongest crush is on someone who is a grade level above me?

It’s all completely normal.:)

Anonymous said: At a party two weeks I was drunk and at the end of the night I tried to kiss this guy and he grabbed my hand and said "goodnight". When I said, "is that a no, then?" He said, "yeah, that's a no." He doesn't remember anything from that night (he was also pretty messed up), but should I treat that instance as a rejection? Things are okay between us now, friendly and still a little flirty (maybe?). It's a weird situation and I'm just confused.

I think that yes, it was a rejection at that point but the reason for it could be either he’s not interested or he likes you too much to drunk-kiss you.

If he doesn’t remember anything than you should use it to move on from this and see how you two feel when you’re both sober..

I know it’s weird but gove it some more time and you’ll bothbe completly over it, don’t worry.

Anonymous said: I'm in love with my bestfriend.

Here’s how to become his girlfriend:)

Anonymous said: Ok so I have a teacher and he is really nice and stuff but he seems to really like me like every day he asks to borrow my pencil one day I was at the back where he couldn't even see me and he asked for mine then when he's taking attendance he will be calling names and always get to me and be like "(my name's) here" and he asks me to take the attendance down and stuff. Some of my friends tease me about it saying he's "crushing" on me. Idk what to think, is it weird?

Yes, in my opinion it’s a bit weird. How old are you, and him?

Anonymous said: I had an on off relationship with a boy a few months ago. I broke up with him in July because i didn't feel like i could cope with a relationship. Now my best friend likes him and they kissed a few days ago. I still have feelings for him but he hates me and we haven't talked properly since i broke up with him. What should i do? xx

I know it’s hard, but I think the right thing to do would be to not interfere with your friend’s and him relationship at this point (I assume she checked with you first to see that it’s o.k with you??)

That is if you want to keep your friendship with her.

I hope this helps and good luck..

Anonymous said: I need help moving on. was with a guy for eight months, he left me a month ago. told me he loved me and all that bull, then he left. doesn't make sense to me. I've talked and hung out with other guys, I think I'm slowly making progress. but idk. any advice?

You’re doing o.k and you said so yourself, so try to not doubt it and trust your deep feelings and instincts.

These things take time, and it’s a bit harder for you to move on because you didn’t have closure, but closure is over rated.

It ended and you’re moving on just fine. Keep up the good work.