Anonymous said: My boyfriend came inside me and when I got up to move positions it all came out of my vagina and over him and the bed sheet. Is this normal?


Anonymous said: I just recently moved to Florida from Texas. in Texas, there was this guy and we had very very strong feelings for each other. we're sophomores in high school. he told me if we had more time he thinks he would've fallen in love with me and he wishes that was able to happen. I feel the same. we feel very strongly for each other. I don't know how to handle this. we live so far and many things can happen. I don't know how to handle this :(

I know that you think you’re missing out on something that is a once in a life time thing, but your feelings are misleading you.

There’s no point in hanging on to a guy that lives so far away from you, especially if you haven’t gotten to the point of falling for each other yet.

It’s probably hard to move to another state and it makes you feel lonely and you have to adjust to new surroundings and he’s the connection to home for you.

But it’s not real. He is not home. And now this is in your past and you have to concentrate on your present and future.

Only my opinion, hope it helps in some way.

Anonymous said: (random camp guy) it seems like he has a lot of friends who r girls. i dont really know what he does but he goes out a lot. ik i dont know much about him but for all ik he could b a player or something. i guess i'm asking how do i get my foot in the door?

I’m sorry you’ll have to remind me your previous question and my answer, I don’t remember…

Anonymous said: How old do you think a girl should be to have her first kiss? I'm 13 and I've never kissed anyone. I think it's pretty normal because I haven't had a boyfriend before. I've liked plenty of guys but it's never worked out. I've been "asked out" but I wasn't attracted to the guy. Most of my friends think it's weird I don't have a boyfriend because to them I'm "beautiful" so idk!

It’s not weird to not have a boyfriend at the age of 13, and it has nothing to do with your looks.

In my eyes 13 is a child. I can see you have common sense and some good instincts and haven’t surrendered to peer pressure and ran off to kiss who ever.

I think you should follow your instincts and only fo things that feel right to you. Forget about your friends’ opinion, they are only 13 I may remind you…:)

Anonymous said: Hey I'm the girl who asked about the guy I liked who went to my church. Well I told him and he said that he had always liked me and stuff. What do I do now? We text each other every few days for hours at a time. I don't know what to do now tho. Like does he just want to be friends or something more? I'm just confused.

No, I don’t think he wants to be friends, I think he needs a little time to make things progress naturally, just be patient and wait for him to make the next move.

What’s the hurry?:)

Anonymous said: A guy that I've been talking to and been on and off with for a while now has just got a girlfriend. He's stopped talking to me now but still, he must of been talking to me at the same time as her! I feel so cheated and annoyed

I can understand how you feel…but sometimes we are not sure until we’re sure…or not sure. “Talking” is not like dating or marriage.

Don’t waste your energy on feeling “cheated and annoyed”. Just move on and don’t let your ego control your life.

Anonymous said: I'm 20 & feel like dating older guys. Approximately, between the age range of 23, 24 and 25. My only concern is that I have no experience. I've been kissed before but nothing more than that... I am aware that the mentality of an older guy is different, than that of a 20 year old. I want someone older is because they are more wiser, mature & have a stable mind of what they want in their future. I've heard some older guys are more like father figures, is it true ??

Father figures are not guys that are only 5-6 years older than you…more like 15-20 years older, just like a real dad can be.

Don’t worry about your lack of experience, focus on meeting a guy who will like you just the way you are and someone you can trust and be your friend before you do anything with him.

In short, nothing to be concerned about here.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year now and he refuses to meet my brothers and half of my family because they drink. I became an alcoholic at a young age and he knows that and hates it. But I've been sober for almost two years and he knows that too. So basically what I'm asking is, what do I do in this situation? I love him more than anything but I also love my family and when it comes down to it, I don't want to chose between them. What should I do?

Tell him that your family is a part of you, and if he doesn’t want to meet them it’s like he denies a part of you too.

Tell him that he can trust you, that he has nothing to be afraid of, they won’t get you back drinking and you’ll just have fun.

Anonymous said: Is it normal for my boyfriend to want to bite me? He likes to bite my cheeks, lips, and neck. It doesn't hurt or leave a mark I just though it seemed odd. He asks me to bite his cheeks and neck some times as well and I don't know if this is a normal thing

If it doesn’t hurt you and it makes no marks than it’s probably o.k. Some guys (o.k a lor of them) have some sort of a kink, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Anonymous said: Hi :) ok so my bf is leaving for 3 weeks to go to his dads which is about 2 hours away from me so I can't visit. Plus I know there is a girl down there that thinks he's hot and I know he thinks she's hot too so I'm nervous about it all.. Advice?

You’ll have to pull it together, stay cool, not show any sign of concern or worry, and really trust him that you’re the one he loves.

There are endless amounts of hot girls, but only one you.

Anonymous said: I like my best guy friends. We flirt a lot and he recently just said that he misses being in a relationship. Should I tell him how I feel?

No, don’t tell him. Here’s what to do:

Anonymous said: What do you mean by something he needs is missing? Because he has told me before that nothing is wrong with me or anything I'm doing, something is wrong with him and I just can't wrap my head around it... I can't understand it not being my fault

How can it be your fault? You are who you are and that is perfect. Of course the problem is with him. Something is missing in him.

Anonymous said: I meant rush of panic not onaic sorry (for the question about getting asked out)

Oh o.k…:)

Yes, it’s normal and yes it’s just nerves. Try to enjoy the rush of adrenaline and use it for excitment, instead of panic.

In short, relax and have fun!

Anonymous said: I've been seeing this guy for the past 7 monthsWe have been on numerous dates, and nothing really happens. We have hugged and cuddle once.i saw him this past Sunday. And he was so excited to see me he yelled out of my car I love this girl to random people on the street. He paid for desert and everything. when we sat down he started talking about his previous gf he broke up with. He even asked about marriage. He tried to hold my hand but I wasn't receptive to it. Idk if he is joking or serious ?

It doesn’t seem like he’s joking to me..why would you think that? And of course things aren’t progressing if you won’t even let him hold your hand…he must think that you’re not really interested.

Could the mixed messages actually come from you??

Anonymous said: (part 2) but havent had sex. Hes gone further with me then he did his ex of 3 years. I know he cares a lot but he hasn’t fully asked me out. 9 months ago I got into a relationship with another guy because I had this same issue and figured all I could do was move on. Once I did, he didnt act the same around me and was standoffish. The guy and I broke up and he went back to himself. Im trapped because if I stay I am hurt by him not committing, and if I leave I lose my best friend. What do I do?

When a guy doesn’t want to commit, something he needs is missing. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, or that you’re not enough, it’s something that has to do with him, not you.

There are “tricks” and “methods” to try to get a guy to commit, but I don’t think they’re relevant in your case.

But one thing is for sure, you can’t keep going like this.