Anonymous said: Right so at the beginning of summer i got with this guy i quite like, we only kissed but were together all night. He said that he really liked me and after that we 'talked' for a few weeks then just stopped.A few weeks later we got together again and the same thing happened. About a month ago i saw him again and we actually slept together, we had a really good tome and were together the next day and he was really nice but nothing happened. Now we don't talk again but i really like him! Help?

Something is up with this guy. He could have a girlfriend or something, or maybe he has no intentions to get into a relationship at this point for some reason.

I know you like you, but your best chance is to not sleep with him again and be a bit more hard to get, at least to acoid getting your heart broken.

I hope I’m not upsetting you and remember, I’n only guessing here, I can’t know what;s going on in his head.,..

Anonymous said: Hello it's the anon from before who asked about the actions of a guy when drunk. The day after I was at his he told me he'd slept in and missed work which meant he couldn't go visit a girl the next town over because his parents were unhappy. We'd planned to organise a night with some mutual friends but he's meeting this girl and can't make it now. I don't want to overthink it- get unreasonably jealous when nothing is official, he didn't seem like he was going to tell me until I asked him.

O.k so basically he told you about another girl he is interested in. I would carefully back off for now, until I find out what’s going on.

Anonymous said: Do drunk actions mean anything? At a party a guy I'm getting close with became all touchy feely (not in a creepy or sexually harassing way)- touching my shoulder, waist, playing with my hair and later said goodbye by kissing my forehead and hugging me almost out of the blue. He invited me to his the next night randomly with another friend where he was less touchy feely but let me rest my head on his shoulder and he played with my hair a little. I don't want to get my hopes up if it's nothing.

Being drunk just gives you the courage to do things you want to so anyway. Does it mean that he really likes you? Not necessarily. But if he invited you over and showed some more signs, while he is sober, than I would guess that yes, he is somewhat into you:)

Anonymous said: If a guy from work with a girlfriend is constantly texting me until the early morning, do you think he likes me? Or am I over thinking it?

Yes, I think he likes you, but I also think he’s a lousy boyfriend if he has intentions for you while he is with someone else.

Always think about the other side of the story. How would you feel if YOU were that girlfriend?

Anonymous said: ok so basically me and this guy have been talking at school on and off for a few weeks. he's kind of a bad kid and doesn't fit into like my crowd. I'm not the most innocent person but don't know if I want to get involved with him because he has a pretty bad reputation for using girls, and things like that. I love talking to him and he's the sweetest thing so I don't know why he has that reputation. he treats me great but I'm afraid that will change. what should I do to not let myself like him.

I would take “reputation” a bit skeptically, though not ignore it all together.

If you love talking to him and he treats you nice than I don’t see why it’s not worth giving a shot to. Just proceed carefully, with your eyes open, and listen to your instincts the whole time.

Just my opinion, I really don’t know how to “not let yourself like” a guy…Is that even possible?:)

Anonymous said: Me and this guy have mutual feelings for each other but in the middle of one of our random bullshit conversations he flipped on me and started that i broke his heart and that he didn't wanna talk anymore. I'm really confused on what just happened i still really like him and I'm lost on what to do

I think that he is in love with you while you’re not sure, yet, how you feel and he knows it.

He just lost control for a minute and I’ll bet he regrets it ever since.

Just try to be patient with him while not leading him on if you know that this is not going anywhere, because he seems to have very strong feelings dor you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: I've been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks, and I like him a lot. He's really sweet and mature, and he's just very different from the guys I've dated in the past. We hang out twice a week and usually talk on the phone when we can't meet. We had sex for the first time a few days ago, and it has me wondering what exactly his expectations are for our relationship. Is it too soon to ask him this and how do I start the conversation?

Yes, I think it’s too soon. I think that you don’t even really know the answer for the questions you want to ask him.

Give it some more time. Just try to have fun without defining anything at this point. Good things happen to those who wait…:)

Anonymous said: So, me and the guy I've been talking to haven't talked since last Tuesday. We've seen each other in person but we've never had time to say anything other than hey. I texted him yesterday saying I missed talking to him but he never replied. And yesterday I found out he didn't show up to work. He didn't call in sick, he just never showed up. And hearing that worried me just because that's not like him at all, whenever he has a chance to work, he takes it. He won't answer my texts and I'm worried.

It’s been a while since you’ve asked me this, what happened?

Anonymous said: I'm 16 and there's this guy that goes to my high school and we've been in most of the same classes all through out the past 4 years. I've never really thought of him as anything more than a friend but not long ago we hooked up at a party and now I can't stop thinking of him. We don't really talk and it's pretty awkward and I don't think he likes me. What do I do because I think I may be starting to like him

I think you’re starting to like him because you were intimatr with him. Unfortunately for we women this tends to happen a lot.

A lot of guys seem to run away after intomacy and I’ve written a post about what to do, maybe it will help you:

Anonymous said: (Part 2/2 from R) He texts them through his phone and ask girls for their snapchat too. I even saw through his Twitter that he still talks to his ex. I've asked him if he still talks to her and he lied to me and told me no when he just DM'ed her on Twitter a few hours ago. I'm honestly not sure how to feel about this, I kinda feel a bit hurt. Am I taking this out of proportion? Should I confront him about this? I really don't know what to do. I really need help. Please. R.

I think that you’re not over reacing about this. There’s no point in being angry here but I would be carefulk because this guy is lying to you, and if he does, it means he has something (or more things) to hide.

I would confront him about his ex, with proof, but calmly, rationally and without accusations. Just ask him what he would have done if he was you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: I'm a 16yr old girl and I have a boyfriend who is absolutely fabulous. we were great friends who liked each other the entire time before we started dating which has only been 2 weeks. however we're really close. okay but it seems like he isn't very... affectionate. like I'm not sure if it's too early to start being super flirty in texts and calling him babe and stuff. we've been on 3 dates as a couple and things are going well but I don't wanna scare him off or "move too fast." thoughts on this?

I think you’re right. If you don’t want to take a chance on this than don’t. What’s the hurry? Is it really that important to call him “babe” right now?

Good luck!

Anonymous said: So there's a guy and i'm close with his fam, known him since i was a sophomore and he was a freshman. (2 years ago) we were just getting to know each other and we got close. He got a bit too clingy and things were moving fast so i wanted space. He got really upset. Things havent been the same since. Now things seem better but i'm starting to like him again but i don't know if he feels the same or what i should do. I feel like he hates me at times but i know he still cares about me. Help?

I think that you’re forgetting that this is the exact same guy who became clingy and most chances are he’ll get clingy again if he gives you another chance.

Than you’ll find yourself in the same situation and have to distance yourself from him again and so on.

Do you really want to do this again? Do you think you really like him or maybe you just like him when he is not yours? The past has proven that once you got him you lost interest and it will happen again.

Just my 2 cents, maybe you should think a bit more about this.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: Can you make a post about "dibs"? I like this guy but my friend has dibs so I didn't pursue it. Then she "transferred" (what?) her dibs to someone I'm not friends with but made it seem like it wouldn't be cool to go for it because of her friend. What do I do?

I thinkj that this whole “dibs” thing is a bit stupid, but sadly can’t be ignored. It shouldn’t be used as lightly as your friend seems to use it, it’s suposed to be helpful to prevent fighting with your best friend over the same guy.

Talk to your friend about this and decide, together, to only use it when it’s about someone that both of you really like, and not randomly like she is doing right now.

As always, communication is key and if you talk to your friend about this you’ll figure it out.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: I don't know why, but I think I'm afraid of people or something. I simply can't socialize and if someone is nice to me, I often think that they're tricking me. I wish I could just step up to someone and start talking, but all I can think of is how weird they might think I am. (also, I sent you a wuestion about this before, but you didn't answer it, so I sent it again)

It’s possible that you have some kind of social anxiety, you can look it up and go to forums with people with the same problem.

I can assure you that you’re not alone with this, you won’t believe how many people feel the same and there are ways that you can solve this, I promise.

Start reading about it and see what people say in forums, I think it will be a huge help for you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: How do you get over a guy you had one night with? I'm not the type to sleep with a guy and that's that. Is there anyway to stop thinking about him or even move on? I don't like when I feel better and then BAM! thought of him comes in.

When you think about him, what do you think? What hurts you most - the sadness over something that could have been (which is a complete fantacy of course, since you don’t really know the guy) - Or is it your ego, that is mad about being left and/rejected?

Thinking about how pointless it is to give this another thought will help you in getting over it. So will keeping busy and allowing yourself to feel just the way you feel, while being patient and forgiving to yourself.

Good luck!