Anonymous said: I meant rush of panic not onaic sorry (for the question about getting asked out)

Oh o.k…:)

Yes, it’s normal and yes it’s just nerves. Try to enjoy the rush of adrenaline and use it for excitment, instead of panic.

In short, relax and have fun!

Anonymous said: I've been seeing this guy for the past 7 monthsWe have been on numerous dates, and nothing really happens. We have hugged and cuddle once.i saw him this past Sunday. And he was so excited to see me he yelled out of my car I love this girl to random people on the street. He paid for desert and everything. when we sat down he started talking about his previous gf he broke up with. He even asked about marriage. He tried to hold my hand but I wasn't receptive to it. Idk if he is joking or serious ?

It doesn’t seem like he’s joking to me..why would you think that? And of course things aren’t progressing if you won’t even let him hold your hand…he must think that you’re not really interested.

Could the mixed messages actually come from you??

Anonymous said: (part 2) but havent had sex. Hes gone further with me then he did his ex of 3 years. I know he cares a lot but he hasn’t fully asked me out. 9 months ago I got into a relationship with another guy because I had this same issue and figured all I could do was move on. Once I did, he didnt act the same around me and was standoffish. The guy and I broke up and he went back to himself. Im trapped because if I stay I am hurt by him not committing, and if I leave I lose my best friend. What do I do?

When a guy doesn’t want to commit, something he needs is missing. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, or that you’re not enough, it’s something that has to do with him, not you.

There are “tricks” and “methods” to try to get a guy to commit, but I don’t think they’re relevant in your case.

But one thing is for sure, you can’t keep going like this.

Anonymous said: after being together for a year, suddenly he wants a break.. He talked to me and shows that he cares but when i talk to him about it he wont tell me anything. He just changes the subject. What shall i do ? Please help !

Here’s my post about what to do when your bf wants “space”:

Anonymous said: Ok so I know this guy and he's like a few years older than me and he's my brothers friend but whenever we are together he's really jokey and nice with me and I'm not sure if he's flirting or just being friendly but like I've kinda got a crush on him so I don't know what to do

First of all find out if it would be o.k on your brother’s side that you’ll start anything with a friend of his. If not, it’s not worth the trouble.

Anonymous said: I was with my ex for a very long time but we broke up a few months ago. I was obviously upset at first but then I had to pull myself together and move on, which I'm still doing... For the past few nights though, I've found myself crying because I miss him in a weird way.. I don't want him back at all. I just have so many memories that I want to forget about. Is it normal to still be upset? And to miss him?

Yes, it’s normal, eveything is normal. Some people hang on to their past for years, not months. The problem with hanging on to the past and to memories is that the past allows no room for the present. And the present, the now, is all we have.

Try to remember this. Every moment you pine over a memory of soemthing that used to be, wastes another momemnt of true happiness and satisfaction RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said: I met this guy at camp who just gave his life to christ. i really love his personality and he is super cute! two girls at camp said he kept looking at me and one day he finally approached me and talked to me. he complimented my eyes twice. but he is so nice it is hard to tell if he was flirting w me or not and he doesnt have a phone so the only way i can talk to him is thru twitter. i just wanted to ask how can i talk to him without bothering him until december? (thats when he gets a phone)

Since he already approached you and you talked to each other, contacting him on twitter won’t be a bother to him and I bet he’ll really like it.

Try to make a conversation over something funny you talked about face to face and you can hint to him that he can talk to you privately at where ever.

Don’t take it so seriously. It will be fine.

Anonymous said: So I liked this guy last summer and I told him and he said he liked me too…then we stopped texting cause I kept trying and he wasn't making any effort with the conversation so I have up. Recently I found out he has a girlfriend and it doesn't really bug me but I'm going to see him at camp in a few weeks and I'm really worried cause I don't know how to act when I see him. Please help

Why would you care about how you’ll act when you see him when he clearly belongs to your past?

He is not a part of your life, You’ll only see him for a short period of time and than you’ll both get back to your life without any contact.

So again, why does it matter how you’ll act and what is there to worry about?

Anonymous said: I'm currently with my boyfriend of over a year, and I can't help but feel unhappy when I compare how I am with him to how I have been before. E.g when I was with my ex I felt infatuated, in love, so happy, and I enjoyed his company. With my current boyfriend, I can get bored in his company and want to look at my phone, and I also don't feel 'infatuation' like I did with my ex. My ex still loves me and I'm confused as to whether I really love my boyfriend or just care for him? What do you think?

I think that it’s pretty obvious you’re not in love with your current bf, so I don’t understand why you’re his gf in the first place.

When we are in love, we know it.

Anonymous said: I have never had a boyfriend and I'm starting to get worried lol.

How old are you?

Anonymous said: My boyfriend isn't very good at expressing his feelings and emotions but I really want him to. I've told him before that he can open up to me and nothing bad will happen, but he hasn't yet. Is this a trust issue, or is he just shy and isn't big on expressing feelings?

It could be both these options, I don’t know him so I can’t tell you. If you want to know thw answer for this you’ll need to be around him and get to know him better than you do now.

These things take time. Have patience.

Anonymous said: There's this guy that I like and he took me out for coffee today. We ended up going back to my house and we were going to take a nap so we put his arm around me and I put my head on his chest. We had sex and I'm really worried that he doesn't actually want me, that he was just horny. Besides, why would he date me when he could get someone better? I'm not good enough and everyone knows it.

Oh I don’t like sentences like “I’m not good enough”. I guarantee to you that if you feel this way about yourself everyonne else will think the same.

How the world sees you and appreciates you depends only on you. The way you think of ourself is the way others will. This is a scientific fact.

Anonymous said: Is it normal to get a rush of onaic when someone asks you out even when you wanted them to? I have never been in a relationship before so I think it's just nerves

I’m sorry but what is “onaic”? Am I too old again for this question?:)

Anonymous said: My crush basically made fun of my "beauty spot". He's friends did make up on him.. and add the spot. To make it worse, he made it his profile picture.. for a long time. Now I can't ever face him.. even if I wanted to. And its not like he doesn't know

Maybe it’s a weird way of getting you closer to him, like 6 year olds that like a girl and pull on her hair.

Otherwise, I don’t have enough background info to make a different conclusion.

Anonymous said: I want to really compliment this boy by calling him a fiðrildi, which is Icelandic for butterfly. He's so beautiful and delicate and I don't know if I should say it because he wouldn't expect it and it's not like me at all.

If you really want to compliment him, than just do it. If you do it without expecting anything in return, you’ll enjoy it and so will he.

It doesn’t matter if he is expecting this or not, and there’s no such think is “it’s not like me”. You are a hundred different things. Just live your life and do what maked you happy - Without categorizing yourself as this or that.

Good luck!