Anonymous said: my bf keeps saying "marry me" or Ill marry you and then says its a joke. im not sure if when he says he loves me and wants to be with me is a joke or not?.. :(

I think he is probably serious, but it doesn’t mean he wants to do it right now, it’s just his intentions. He is serious about you and cares for you, that’s all. Don’t freak out:)

Anonymous said: Hi, I messaged you a about a week ago about my crush. (The gorgeous one (also he's really nice)). It's kind of funny because half of my friends like him too and they went to this party Saturday and they saw him there and danced with him a little. I'm going to a party next Saturday where he's going to be too and I really want to talk to him (tough chance, because there's going to be alcohol and loads of people) but I just really want to have some kind of contact with him but I'm shy.

If you want to be noticed over all the other girls that hover over him, you’ll have to be the opposite of them..act the oppsite.

Don’t give him the time of day. Act like you are completely not interested but do that in a way he notices your lack of interest. This is how you stand out in a crowd and that’s my tip for you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: So there's this guy and he's cute and nice and he really likes me. I don't know I only started liking him back recently and my friends asked him about me and he might ask me out. The only thing is I'm so awkward and I like him but relationships scare me so much. Its like I want to go date him without officially dating him and I sound like a jerk. I just don't even understand my own emotions. And neither of us have ever dated anyone and how would you even tell your parents you have a boyfriend?

You’re getting ahead of yourself honey…:) No one is talking about marriage and children, just one date - A first date.

It’s not as important as you think, just go on one date and see if you want to go to another one. That’s all. Take it easy and have fun, o.k?:)

Anonymous said: hi :) i'm dating a boy and he can be very territorial and even a bit possessive. He doesn't like most of my guy friends and every time someone thinks i'm cute or compliments me, he starts to act all protective and saying he doesn't like how they're talking to me... is that type of behaviour normal? What can i do to reassure me that i don't want any other boys?

I don’t think I have enough details. On the one hand, it’s normal to be jealous when you have guy friends. Does he have girl friends too? Does it not bother you?

On the other hand, the fact that he tries to restrict others from telling you that you’re cute is a bit alarmoing and yes, he does sound a bit over posessive.

This should be “monitored” to see if it gets worse. If it does, I would think twice about being with a controlling type of guy, not much good can come out of it…

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said: So theres this guy who I only talked to bc we were in the same class last year.We didnt talk all summer but a couple nights before school he texted me high telling me i was his best friend and that he wants to pick me up and go to a concert.We always see each other in the library and he might wave. I think I like guy but i don't know if he likes me. He's hard to read bc his personality is a little immature so i can never tell if he is flirting or just being rude.whats your opinion? should i try?

Why not? What do you have to lose at this point?:)

Anonymous said: Yay you're back! You're the best with advice!! There's a guy who's been flirting a lot with me and tried to Kiss me a lot when we're out on a night together. I've always said no because he's kind of with the girl who lives in his uni flat... He texts me a lot & flirts a lot of the time too. He's never labelled this girl as his girlfriend but I know she's basically in love with him. What do I do because I feel like I could be falling for him, but don't want to be hurt if he's just messing about

So if I get it right this other girl wants to be his gf but he doesn’t?

Are they sleeping together? What’s their relationship like?

I don’t think he’s just messing about, I think he is interested, but I would only date him (for the first time) if he is clear with you about the type of relationshipo he has with the other girl.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: so ive been crushing on a really close guy friend of mine for the past few months and recently I though I was making good progress. Now he has a girlfriend that he's really happy with. Im not mad about it, actually Im really happy for him. But a part of me cant help but to hope they wont work out. He's still one of my best friends so is it bad of me to think this way?

No, it’s not “bad” of you, it’s normal and there’s no point in trying to lie to yourself, right?

Stick around (while living your life!) because you never know what the future brings.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: So I've never really been in a relationship before, and I like this guy, but I'm unsure of having a relationship with him... I just don't know what would happen or what we would do I guess? I'm not even sure if it's just me being scared because I've never had one before, or I don't like him enough? But I know I want to be the only girl he has interest in, and I don't really want anyone else at the moment? Any input would be much appreciated!

What you know right now is enough. You don’t want him to be interested in someone else and you don’t want anyone else at the moment.

I always say that we shouldn’t have to rush into defining a relationship.

It is what it is right now, just go with it and when you feel different, things will change naturally.

Live life now, not in the future, is my best advice for you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said: SOS! i'm not sure wether i want to be wth my boyfriend or not hes cheated on me and hes gradually got worse, i find the company of other people better and when he says he cant come and see me it feels like a relief but whenever it actually comes to actually ending it i get so anxious and upset, i dont know what to do:( please help if you can!! X

For the love of god, just talk to him, now, and tell him this is not working out and you want out.

In a nice way, without attacking and all. And if he has cheated, you won’t have to even explain it much. He cheated! Remember? Most people would just say goodbye and never look back.

What’s there to be anxious about? You’re not married and don’t have kids. Just take it easy my friend:)

Good luck!

Anonymous said: hi at my school we do a thing called senior hearts. (basically just make food for a certain football player) and i chose my crush (of course) and besides baking him super good food, how else can i get his attention? i literally never talk to him or have friends in common w him. homecoming is also around the corner in a month or so but he never goes to those kinds of things so he wouldnt ask me. thanks!

Smile at him every time you see him, stare at him, drop something if you’re near him - May sound cliche to you but that’s just because this stuff work..:)

Here are some more tips:

Anonymous said: So I met this guy online and slept with him. Not what I intended to do. He said he'd stick around but nothing. i messaged him on fb saying he told me he wouldnt be this way and he never replied. should I just move on? i feel used and ashamed.

Yes! Move on!

on’t feel used and ashamed. First, you were not used. You have decided to do this before you slept with him and he promised all his false promises right?

And what’s shame have to do with this? Did you do anything wrong? Youd did nothing to be ashamed of.

You don’t even really know this guy, just don’t waste another minute of your life on this and move on, o.k? Not worth your time.

Anonymous said: Did u get my ask?

Since you’re on anon, how can I know which ask you’re referring to?:)

Anonymous said: So there's a cute guy in my math class who I really want to get to know just to get to know him because he seems nice, but the only thing we have in common is that we both speak russian. How do you suggest I try to start a conversation?

Tell him a short joke in Russian. This is a great thing to have in common, by the way!

Anonymous said: Hey Lisa. I sent the question about my worrying that I won't get over the guy I consider a practical soulmate. My situation is definitely still relevant. I'm still lost.

Could you send me your question again than? I can’t seem to find it…:)

Anonymous said: Hi Lisa, if your sleeping with someone and not considered "in a relationship" is it really just considered Friends with benefits? I mean.. We act like a couple and all. Even say we love each other but just don't have that relationship status. His choosing btw, but I'm okay with it. Anyway, please let me know.

Yes, I believe this is defined as friends with benefits. But, if definitions do not matter to you right now (which I think is great), why don’t you just wait and see what happens?

The less you’ll show him that  you want to be exclusive, the more chance that HE will.

Be cool, take it easy, but only to the point where he only sees you. If he sees other girls, I would “quit”.

Good luck and let me know what’s going on…:)