Anonymous asked: Part two - extra info on the five months breaking up thing; he hasn't talked to me since, and I love him so much and I really don't want to break up with him and yeah that's pretty much it

Sorry, I get too many questions and I don’t remember the first part..can you ask again with all details?:)

Anonymous asked: (The shy guy in class)part 2- well i am a better student than him. Wouldn't it be wierd if a topper asks something concerning the class to a dumb student?

So what if you’re a better student? Couldn’t there be a specific little topic that you “have trouble understanding”?

It’s just a conversation starter, it doesn’t have to be so “authentic”…:)

Anonymous asked: Say you want to move on. Get over someone. You say focus on someone else. But how can you find someone else to focus on if your ex is the only guy you think is right for you. How to you find someone else to focus on and get past those feelings?😢

The first step is to find someone else to focus on. Ask your friends to set you up with someone they think is right for you, for example. Another way is to try to open your eyes and take a deeper “look” at your guy friends and why they are your friends in the first place. Another way is to go out with girlfriends and start talking to someone you don’t know.

But if you’re really not up to it, just try to keep very busy, too busy to think about anyone and anything, and let time heal you and open your eyes. Because it will, I promise. It always does.

Anonymous asked: My best friend and I liked each other, but then decided it'd be best to stay friends, he has a girlfriend now but I know she isn't the one for him...I am. What should I do??

Until he breaks up with his girlfriend, there’s nothing you can do. Just be his good friend, support him and be there for him.

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend an I have been together for five months now, and last night he started talking about the fact that universe may break us up, and he wouldn't stop talking about it. He said that the only reasons he would break up with me is if he was hurting me, if someone forced him to or if he went into a deep depression. I asked him whether he was hinting at anything and whether he wanted to break up and he said no to both. I don't know whats going on here, and I wanted to ask what you think?

I think that unfortinately yes, he is kind of hinting to you that he is about to bail for some reason. But he really doesn’t want to hurt you so he’s trying to prepare you.

This is just a guess though, I could be completely wrong.

Anonymous asked: So I've been talking to this guy for a few months and we've grown quite close. We flirt constantly and he calls me every pet name. I like him a lot and I thought he liked me too, but recently me hung out for the first time and it was a little awkward but still fun but he hasn't talked to since since then. Is he avoiding me or what?

How long has it been since you’ve hung out?

Anonymous asked: Hey Lisa! Can I have your facebook link?

I’m not on Facebook…only Tumbling right now:)

Anonymous asked: I like this girl and I have no idea why I just do Is there a word for this or does it mean something?

You don’t have to know why you like a girl. You can just like without knowing why.

Most of the time, this is referred to as a crush.:)

Anonymous asked: I have a boyfriend who I really adore & love to pieces. We're been dating for about 3 months & we have our ups & downs but it's fine. We're fine. I've recently started talking to this other guy kind of in a flirty way but not.. He's the one who is flirty but I don't tell him to stop. He is cute don't get me wrong but it's not like I have any plans on hooking up with him so is it okay to allow this to continue or should I stop it?

I think that you have a small crush on this guy and if you want to keep your relationship with your bf, then yes, stop it.

Anonymous asked: Sooo I like someone still and they don't know it. I don't think he will even care... But I don't know if I should tell him or not. If I do I don't know how to even say it. He made me so happy. What do I do

Is this an ex boyfriend and what happened?

Anonymous asked: There's this guy that has been staring at me since the beginning of the school year and a couple of months ago I confronted him and he said he didn't. But since then he still stares at me, even my friends notice that he does. I find him extremely attractive so what should I do?

First of all, don’t “confront” him again…he didn’t commit a crime you know…:)

The way to a guy’s heart is not throught kind of attacking him like you did, but through showing him you like him too, by staring back at him, smiling at him and complimenting him if you have a chance.

Try to be more gentle, o.k?:)

Anonymous asked: I like this guy a lot, and I'm not clueless I know he doesn't like me back. How do you get over someone?

By focusing on someone else. Always works…:)

Anonymous asked: Sorry my question is (weird guy) what should I do at this point ? I finally got assertive and asked him to get something to eat after he always bails out on plans. I met his brother, and his brother said oh this is Tristina the one you always talk about, why don't you guys just date? Like y'all would be a cute couple. I asked his brother what he was looking for. He said to just date, he hella young and don't want nothing serious. He paid for everything. Invited me in his house. What should I do?

Forget about what his brother told you. It doesn’t matter what he’s looking for, what matters is how he ends up feeling for you.

He can plan things all he wants, but if he’ll fall for you, believe me that he WILL want something serious.

And now…stop over analyzing! You’re missing out of the fun!:)

Anonymous asked: What is the difference between hanging out and a date? I went to the cinema with a guy yesterday and i like him, idk if he likes me but he doesn't know (i think he may have guessed,though) we are 14 and 15, if it matters. Thanks:)

The difference is in the eyes of the beholder…

When both of you confess your feelings for one another, then hanging out will turn into official dating.

Anonymous asked: I don't know how to move on... My crush got into a relationship. I don't really care... But every time I see another guy, he's just not as perfect...

It’s o.k, it’s normal, and yes, you do care obviously. You have to give yourself some time. This feeling will go away, I promise.